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In Stage 1, the students this term are studying the History unit called “The Past in the Present”. To ignite their learning and as part of our entry event, an excursion to Rouse Hill Estate was organised.
Kindergarten has settled into Term 2 outstandingly! They have adjusted and understood the expectations required within the classroom such as following teacher instructions. Read more...
For science this term, Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 have been investigating Living Things.
For writing this term, Stage 3 have been focussing on writing Informative Texts. To get a better understanding of what information goes in an informative text, students explored the features of different types of informative texts.
During Religion this Term, Stage 2 are developing their understanding of the Driving Question “How do we build loving relationships with others just like God did?”
Kindergarten have had a fantastic start to their school journey! They have quickly become comfortable with routines, settling into their classes and learning spaces.
Since returning to school Stage 1 students have been working hard in maths lessons. They have been doing some hard thinking using different materials to learn about different aspects of Length. Read more...
Congratulations to our winners and all who entered the 2021/22 Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge (EDSRC), it has been an incredible competition this year with a large number of entries.
This term Stage Two has been learning about the impact of Jesus’ life on us as Catholics and the meaning of what true discipleship looks like


Congratulations to Early Stage 1 for earning 50 tokens! Click image to read more...