Vision & Values

At St Bernadette’s we believe we are a community which is inspired by Catholic faith and values, and committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

We develop our faith by:

  • providing quality Religious Education which nurtures the faith of students
  • providing meaningful opportunities for the spiritual development of staff
  • providing opportunities for the community, to enrich their faith and spiritual development.

We lead learning by:

  • engaging the students in a challenging learning environment, which facilitates rich and meaningful experiences
  • demonstrating a commitment to excellence in quality teaching and learning
  • providing opportunities for parents to be informed about current educational research and practices.

We live our values by:

  • providing a safe learning environment where students experience and develop, empathy and resilience
  • ensuring that the values taught by Jesus are evident in our relationships with each other
  • providing a supportive environment that nurtures the physical, social and emotional well being of the community.

We build community by:

  • facilitating student awareness of their responsibility as global citizens
  • promoting partnership between home, school and parish
  • establishing community confidence in the professional standards and commitment of the staff
  • acknowledging the diverse cultural backgrounds of our community
  • recognising the Dharug people as the original owners of this land.