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This term the students in Year Six will be participating in the Parramatta Diocese Public Speaking Competition, called the Voice of Youth, an annual competition that has been conducted within the diocese for many years.
At the end of Term 2, Stage 2 students participated in a ‘fun day’ to celebrate and acknowledge the tokens they had collected for being safe, respectful and responsible learners.
Stage 3 participated in a liturgy that they had planned, demonstrating their understanding of our driving question - What makes a Church and how does it strive for Christian Unity?
Over the past two terms students have been diving into deep learning to help get a better understanding of Australian Indigenous Culture, this then brings students to have a deep discussion with their peers and teachers.
This term, during our Religious Education lessons, Stage 3 have been learning about various faith communities in our local area. Read more...
Read all about what Stage 2 have been learning!
Kindergarten has settled into Term 2 outstandingly! They have adjusted and understood the expectations required within the classroom such as following teacher instructions. Read more...
For writing this term, Stage 3 have been focussing on writing Informative Texts. To get a better understanding of what information goes in an informative text, students explored the features of different types of informative texts.
During Religion this Term, Stage 2 are developing their understanding of the Driving Question “How do we build loving relationships with others just like God did?”
Kindergarten have had a fantastic start to their school journey! They have quickly become comfortable with routines, settling into their classes and learning spaces.