Learning & Teaching

St Bernadette’s Primary is a community of learners. Learning is a lifelong process and we constantly review our programs to provide the highest quality learning and teaching opportunities.

We have a contemporary approach to learning based on leading educational research. Through the use of flexible learning spaces and teacher expertise, we are well-resourced to achieve the best outcomes for every child. The school design and adaptability of spaces make it easy to navigate through the school and are designed to engage students and maximise learning benefits.

Best practice teaching ensures that student data informs our decision-making and planning. We personalise learning for the diverse needs of each student, to ensure their learning success.

Professional learning for teachers is a high priority at St Bernadette's. By improving our instructional practice as teachers, we ensure that our skills, knowledge and strategies are current, evidence-based and produce student growth and gain.

We look forward to this learning journey, in partnership with our parents and carers, over the coming years.

Learn more about how learning works at St Bernadette's Primary by reading the pages in this section or by contacting the school.