In Religion this Term, Stage 2 are developing their understanding of the Driving Question “Why are people starving in a world full of plenty?” 

To begin the unit of work, students participated in an entry event where they were asked to decorate a biscuit with a friend. After decorating their biscuit, students were then asked to eat their biscuit. The students began to question, how could this be done with only one biscuit between two people? 

After exploring this concept and problem, the students returned to brainstorm their ideas. The driving question was created with the students using keywords and ideas from their entry event which will help the teachers develop their learning for the term. 

During our entry event, we were lucky enough to have Father Andrew attend as a guest visitor to the Stage 2 classroom. Stage 2 loved having Father Andrew there to help guide our thinking for our big learning this term! 

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St Bernadette's Lalor Park

St Bernadette's Lalor Park


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